​​Lady Luck Charters

About our Halibut Charters:
Our two vessels are twin powered diesels. They have warm and comfortable cabins with plenty of room. Both boats have private toilet facilities. Large fishing decks with lots of room to land the big ones. We have the latest navigation, safety and fishing equipment. All bait poles and gear is supplied. All you need to bring is your food drinks and proper clothing that sometime includes rain gear if it looks like rain. A must if you don't like wet feet is water proof shoes. We often wash the decks after landing fish.We try and leave the dock at 6.00 a.m. Sometimes earlier or later depending on circumstances. You must have a fishing license to fish so please make sure you have that before showing up to the boat.They should be purchased the day before. There are several places in town to do so. The halibut trips are set up as a 12 hour trip. We try to return to the dock by 6.30 p.m. So sometimes, if the fishing is good we get back early and sometimes it might run late, if the fishing is slow. Fish cleaning will be provided upon return to the dock. Tips are appropriate for this service as this makes the captains day if his clients are happy and had a good day. Halibut is the targeted fish however ling-cod, rockfish and other species are commonly caught.

For reservations and more info :+1-907-835-9044 / fish@ladyluckcharters.com